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I spot I directed for Stablished Projects

Director / Editor / Producer: Ratha Nou
Production Company: Stablished Projects
Production Assistants: Geraldine Convento, Maxx OGM Prod
Stylist: Mey Saechao
VFX: Greg Del Savio, Sean Siegler, Ratha Nou
Colorist: Jeremy Castillo
Music: Ratha Nou
Writing: Jey Elz Dominguez
Audio Mixdown: DJ Goldenchyld
Talent: Jahron Elz Dominguez, Carlyle Morales, Eric “BlkSoap” Carter, Jern Eye + Khali, Dejon Odom, Julien Hayes & Timothy Bluitt Jr.

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Please reach out to me with any questions about how I can be a part of your project.