Project Breakdown

Kid had bars.  It was 2020. We had created a successful animated music video during the pandemic for up n’ comer DBangz called “Prove”, and after thatv success, the label asked if we could take on another creative production, but this time leveraging green screen techniques for DBangz’ “Been A Long Time.”  Shot at Stablished Studio.

This project was fun because we shot this in our own studio.  Long time / childhood friend Marco Bercasio was my DP, and I got to direct a VFX video for an introspective hip-hop kid coming out of Arizona.  Shouts to my bro Ryan Buendia of The Bnagerz for hookin up some work during this time, especially because a lot of work slowed during the historic Pandemic.


“Been A Long Time” – VFX Music Video


DBangz / Record Label (I forgot their name)


Director, VFX Supervisor, Editor, Lead Designer, Animator

PLAE | Insole Technology

A fun fact about this video was that I pre-viz’d the entire video in 3D before we even got on set, so that when we shot, all the framing was pre-planned, making our video shoot super effective.  If I could, I’d handle all our music video projects like this… Saves us time, money, and also is just a good look to get everyone on the team on the same page.