Project Breakdown

We teamed up with the legendary, Circle of Fire dance crew, to film this intimate living room dance cypher in Oakland, for their 20 Year Anniversary. :: Shot by Marcus & Ra, Directed by Marcus Reposar, Edited by Ratha Nou | Music : “Goodfellas” by Rey Res

This project was fun because we shot this in our own studio.  Long time / childhood friend Marco Bercasio was my DP, and I got to direct a VFX video for an introspective hip-hop kid coming out of Arizona.  Shouts to my bro Ryan Buendia of The Bnagerz for hookin up some work during this time, especially because a lot of work slowed during the historic Pandemic.


“Been A Long Time” – VFX Music Video


DBangz / Record Label (I forgot their name)


Director, VFX Supervisor, Editor, Lead Designer, Animator

Circle of Fire | 20 Year Anniversary

A fun fact about this video was that I pre-viz’d the entire video in 3D before we even got on set, so that when we shot, all the framing was pre-planned, making our video shoot super effective.  If I could, I’d handle all our music video projects like this… Saves us time, money, and also is just a good look to get everyone on the team on the same page.