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Introduction Ratha Nou

Hello Team Lucid! Thanks so much for taking the time to meet with me! I look forward to sharing my experience with you, as well as find out more about you.  Please feel free to browse through this custom site I made this presentation. Cheers, Ratha

Work History &  Skills

My creative & professional journey has brought me much experience. From starting off as a Traditional Illustrator , to Graphic Designer for Web & Apparel, to Motion Designer, to Brand Manager, to Boutique Studio Owner, I’ve walked down a fulfilling path, learning, sharing, giving & creating.  Below are breadcrumbs to my origins.


Here's a quick rundown of my official schooling, however not listed are all the endless tutorials I've watched on my journey to learning about Motion Design, Animation, VFX, Editing, Audio Engineering, Music Production & Business.

Silver Creek High School
General Education Degree
San Jose State University
Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree / Illustration & Animation
1998 - 2004
Dubspot NYC
Mixing & Mastering Certificate
The Futur
Business Boot Camp

Work History

Work history from 2000 to 2024. My Motion Design Career started in 2004, when I first learned After Effects, and later started to learn Cinema4D in 2006

NBN Sports
Graphic Designer for Apparel
Meezy Art Design House
Graphic Designer for Web & Print
Eveo | Pharma Agency
Motion Designer / Associate Creative Director
Elastic Creative / First Person
Motion Design Art Director
Brand Manager
Bonfire Labs
Freelance Motion Designer
Britelite Immersive
Freelance Motion Designer
Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
Freelance Motion Designer
Freelance Motion Designer
Freelance Motion Designer
Freelance Motion Designer
Stablished Projects
Creative Director
2018 - Present

Motion Design, 3D, Animation & VFX Demo Reel

Various projects I’ve Directed, Art Directed & Animated ranging from 2D, 3D & Live Action.

In-Depth  Case Study

The selected case study I’ll be sharing is a project that I worked on back in 2012 called “Corning – A Day Made of Glass”, where I was selected to be the lead designer, that over saw a post-production team of over a dozen artists.

Case Study
February 25, 2024

Case Study: Corning “A Day Made of Glass”

Corning A Day Made of Glass Client: Corning Studio: Elastic Creative / First Person Year:  2012 Role: Lead Art Director / Designer / Animator Home: UI/UX Design Goals were to…
Case Study
February 25, 2024

Case Study: The Making of “Las Gatas” Music Video

By recording and analyzing the actions of live actors or objects, mocap enables the creation of highly realistic and fluid animations for various industries, including film, video games, virtual reality,…

Technical  Demonstration

The technical demonstration is a project I got to be a designer / animator on. I’ve selected a scene that showcases my design thinking, UI/UX design for film, 3D animation & compositing.

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Please reach out to me with any questions about how I can be a part of your project.